Massage therapy for lymphatic drainage

Less swollen and lighter thanks to lymphatic drainage

To combat fatigue or swelling of legs and abdomen, one of the most suitable treatments is lymphatic drainage.

The techniques of massage therapy for lymphatic drainage act directly on the edema, activating blood and lymphatic circulation: it is one of the most effective treatments to drain the body and reduce the stagnation of liquids.

Did you ever felt a sensation of numbness or even feeling the clothes tighter at the end of the day? These could be the consequences of a water retention problem, especially if you spend long hours sitting or standing.

Our treatment of massage therapy for lymphatic drainage is carried out by Carolina, that through fast movements and manual pumping will stimulate the tissues facilitating the movement of body fluids, reducing swelling and cellulitis. 

Dhermodesign is the aesthetic center specializing in treatments by hand to deflate and shape the silhouette, thanks to the miraculous techniques imported from Brazil that are trending between stars and VIPs from all over the world. 

After the first session, you will feel a pleasant sensation of lightness, your body will be less swollen and your metabolism will accelerate which will help in case you are on a weight loss diet.

The lymphatic drainage is one of the most suitable treatments for solving problems related to fluid retention, cellulitis and swollen legs. 

Massage therapy for lymphatic drainage helps drain liquids from the areas of the body where they stagnate (usually the ends), it stimulates the liquid expulsion and makes swelling gradually disappear.

This treatment helps significantly to combat cellulitis and orange-peel-like skin and give relief in case of circulatory problems: the treatment works on the swelling by moving fluids in a gentle but firm way to the lymph junctions to facilitate the natural expulsion.

Massage therapy for lymphatic drainage, thanks to its anti-edema action, it is also very useful for treating joint pain, extra-articular and rheumatic pains. It also helps wound healing, tissue oxygenating and microcirculation improvements.

The effects of lymphatic drainage are:

    • anti-edematous effect;
    • immune defenses improvement;
    • wound healing;
    • tissues oxigenation and microcirculation improvement;
    • feeling of relaxation;
    • useful in cases of skin diseases.

Already after the first treatment you will notice your skin regenerated, firmer, improved in overall complexion! 


Massage therapy for lymphatic drainage is primarily recommended to combat the feeling of heaviness and fatigue in the legs, due to the accumulation and retention of liquids that cause water retention.

Lymphatic drainage is a good adjuvant for the athletes too: after an intense sport session it promotes cooling down and speeds up recovery.


Our massage therapy for lymphatic drainage takes an hour.


Along with Carolina you will evaluate the number of sessions required and their duration depending on your situation. 

Typically, for optimal results, we recommend from 5 to 10 sessions.



Price List

Miracle Touch    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 150
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100
Modellante - Shaping    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Drenante - Draining    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Rilassante - Relaxing    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Miracle Mama    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Babymoon    60 min. € 160

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