Miracle Face
draining massage for the face

Wrinkle-free skin, no puffiness and no eye bags: here’s our “miraculous” draining massage for the face!

The MiracleFace massage, is performed following the exclusive  Renata França method, that provides an immediate lifting effect, improves the tone of the face, deflates and remodels its shape improving your features and defining the contours.

Miracle face is a mix of maneuvers that combines the techniques of lymphatic drainage and modelling massage: this combination between different types of massage is extremely effective and provides noticeable results already after the first session. The face will appear more deflated like it was modelled!

Carolina, specialized masseuse, imported from Brazil “miracle” treatments that have revolutionized the world of modelling massage: Dhermodesign is the first certified Renata França method center in Milan!

Our MiracleFace treatment is a particular type of massage that combines the techniques of draining and modelling: directed caressing, that moves the liquid toward the stagnant lymphatic joints alternate pinching and percussions.

These draining massage includes lymph drainage of the face, which stimulates lymphatic circulation and works on the connective tissue, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, proteins essential to maintain skin elastic and young.

The modelling massage instead works on the adipose tissue by moving the adipocytes (fat cells) in a controlled manner to other areas, reshaping the contours of the face.

MiracleFace is ideal before special occasions or photo shoots: its modelling effect, in fact, is immediately visible and lasts for a few days.

A regular treatment makes the result last longer, by stimulating the production of elastin and collagen, helping to slow down the formation of wrinkles.

A Miracle face treatment takes an thirty minutes
Along with Carolina you can estimate the number of sessions required for your case.

To maintain the results over time, we suggest to perform a draining facial massage at least once a month.



Price List

Miracle Touch    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 150
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100
Modellante - Shaping    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Drenante - Draining    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Rilassante - Relaxing    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Miracle Mama    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Babymoon    60 min. € 160

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