Miracle Mama
draining massage when expecting

Swollen legs and water retention are one of the most frequent problems in the nine months of pregnancy, often creating severe discomfort for expectant mothers.

The treatment has been developed specifically for pregnant women who, in this state couldn’t receive the classical MiracleTouch treatment, so in order to achieve the same draining effect they must undergo different techniques by hand.

MiracleMama is the technique created by the famous beautician Renata França, dedicated exclusively to pregnant women: deep maneuvers and sliding, with more precise touches compared to traditional massage techniques to perform draining massages on expectant clients.

MiracleMama is the evolution of the famous MiracleTouch, a massage technique that uses a combination of lymphatic drainage and shaping maneuvers resulting in a double immediate effect on the silhouette, both slimming and firming.

Draining massages during pregnancy are particularly suitable to avoid water retention and the formation of edema and swelling, helping mothers to live this particular period without unpleasant “side effects”.

Slow and repeated maneuvers, alternate with light and gentle caressing, to stimulate the passage of the lymph and the elimination of toxins improving lymphatic circulation and helping you feel a pleasant lightness sensation.

A draining massage during pregnancy makes the skin more elastic and firm, reduces diffused edemas, helps to deflate the legs, promotes relaxation (yours and the baby’s) improves sleep, helps prevent stretch marks, relieves pain from joints, neck, back and sciatic nerve.


Our Miracle Mama treatment is usually recommended after the 3rd month and especially in the summer months, when the heat promotes water retention and swelling!

It has many benefits and is functional to reduce the discomfort due to physiological changes and hormonal imbalance. Moreover lymphatic drainage by acting on the connective tissue relieves headaches, relaxes the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.


The Miracle Mama treatment takes one hour.

To put you at ease and don’t disturb your baby, this massage is performed with you in the supine position or lying on the side.


To benefit the most from the MiracleMama treatment, we suggest you repeat the sessions at least twice a week.

During pregnancy edemas spread in different areas that can’t all be cover in one session. A MiracleMama treatment should be carried out section by section, each session is devoted to a different area of ​​the body.

The effect of treatment is temporary and it is important to carry it out constant throughout the pregnancy.



Price List

Miracle Touch    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 150
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100
Modellante - Shaping    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Drenante - Draining    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Rilassante - Relaxing    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Miracle Mama    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Babymoon    60 min. € 160

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