Miracle Touch

MiracleTouch is a unique mix of maneuvers that combines the benefits of shaping massage and those of the lymphatic drainage massage.
The treatment, created by the famous beautician Renata França, slims down the silhouetteeliminates toxins and transforms the texture of the skin with visible results already after the first session.

The Renata França method has revolutionized the concept of massage in the entire South America, making the beautician’s brasileira the go-to treatment for many celebrities and VIPs.

Carolina, certified Italian Academy Massage masseuse, AIM, specialized in the Renata França method, imported this technique from Brazil, to spread a new way of working on beauty and an innovative approach to slimming massages.

The treatment works like an immediate liposculpture carried out by hand: it ensures uniform skin complexion and more defined muscles already after the first session, including the promotion of the significant acceleration of metabolism helping those who wish to lose weight. Rely on Carolina to try this fantastic slimming massage technique: thanks to her hands you will get a highly modelled body, a less swollen and harmonious silhouette!

The lymphatic drainage practiced by the Miracle Touch technique is one of the most suitable treatments for fluid retention, cellulitis, legs swelling and edema: it stimulates lymphatic and blood circulation draining liquids from the areas where they stagnate, which, in this way, are more easily expelled from the body with a consequent reduction of swelling.

The maneuvers used for lymphatic drainage are based on directed kneading and caressing, that moves stagnant liquids from the ends of the body towards the lymphatic junctions: the latter have the task of expelling the liquids through the renal activity.
The lymphatic drainage technique is combined with the modelling that works on fat tissue by moving the adipocytes (fat cells) in a controlled manner to other areas. This type of process is used to reshape the silhouette by hand, moving the fat by vigorous and rapid movements.

The modelling massage stimulates blood and lymph circulation and improves cells oxygenation. It is particularly suitable for treating breast, thighs, abdomen and muscles.
One of the most interesting features of modelling massage is that it speeds up metabolism, promoting weight loss and elimination of excess fat.

By combining the two techniques of massage, lymphatic drainage and modelling, Renata França has created this “miraculous” slimming massage that gives visible results already following the first session and which was declined by us for different needs:

    • MiracleTouch is the slimming massage designed to redefine the body;
    • MiracleFace is a lifting effect treatment designed for the face. Drain and models the forms, drawing new contours to your face;
    • MiracleMama is draining massage indicated for pregnant women. Created after many requests from expectant mothers, this technique is the evolution of Miracle Touch.

MiracleTouch is extremely useful to deflate the body and shape the silhouette. By experiencing it you will combat cellulitis and orange-peel-like skin; get relief if you suffer from circulatory problems; drain edema and swelling, especially to the legs; improve blood and lymphatic circulation; act on the microcirculation for a better healing effect; reactivate the muscular system; stimulate your metabolism, promoting weight loss; enjoy its natural antiaging action.

In our beauty center in Milan you will feel like you can lose weight by pampering your body:  Dhermodesign is the first authorized Renata França method center in Milan.

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For us Beauty is a real art, our cleverness lays in grasping it and enhancing it!

MiracleTouch is perfect to deflate and reshape your forms, especially if you want to lose weight and centimeters.
In fact, this technique makes it possible to drain excess liquid by accelerating the metabolism, thus allowing you to enjoy an immediate and longer lasting effect: the days following the treatment, in fact, your body will continue to process by facilitating weight loss!

To get the best results you will want to integrate this to a moderate physical activity.

Our MiracleTouch treatment takes one hour.
Along with Carolina you can estimate the number of sessions required, creating a personalized plan taiored over time.

For a perfect silhouette and highly modelled body, slimming massages should be carried out on a consistent basis: after getting the desired results, we recommend you do one session a month to maintain them over time, always integrating with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle.



Price List

Miracle Touch    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 150
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100
Modellante - Shaping    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Drenante - Draining    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Rilassante - Relaxing    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Miracle Mama    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Babymoon    60 min. € 160

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