Relaxing Massage
the relaxing massage that rebalances mind and body

Our relaxing massage is an authentic anti-stress massage that stimulates the energy and reactivates blood and lymph circulation. It is a fundamental treatment to restore the balance between body and soul.

The body relaxing massage is of eastern origin and the first documents in which it is mentioned date back to 2700 BC. Over time it has spread anywhere with different characteristics, still maintaining its original purpose: relax and reconnect body and soul, starting from the awareness of oneself’s body, feelings and emotions.

Dhermodesign is the first certified Renata França method center in Milan, which we adapted and use for multiple types of treatment and which is mainly know for its power to provide drainage and an immediate modelling of forms. Renata França is the Brazilian beautician who has revolutionized the world of massage: as a matter of fact she created an innovative method in which new types of maneuvers and pressures alternate with delicate movements, creating a much more effective practice than the traditional one.

Her “miraculous” massages are appreciated by many famous Brazilian VIPs well-kown throughout the world. This technique is effective already after the first session, relaxing the body and giving relief to muscles.

After a relaxing body massage:

    • you will feel your body and mind lighter;
    • blood pressure will be reduced;
    • you’ll feel your state of anxiety fade away;
    • you’ll control the level of stress;
    • thanks to the production of endorphins, stimulated by the treatment, you will experience an improvement in mood;
    • your immune system will be stimulated;
    • you’ll sleep better;
    • you’ll feel more focused and attentive, with benefits also for memory;
    • you’ll feel tension melt away.

If you feel stressed take a moment to relax. The treatment will help to regain inner balance, focusing on the lower back and shoulders, the areas in which stress and tension focus. The massage will initially insist on those areas to relieve muscle tension and contractures, and then it’ll be extended to the legs, arms, hands and feet.

The relaxing massage is highly recommended if you suffer from insomnia due to everyday problems and stress. After each treatment, you will feel unwind from tension and you’ll fall asleep peacefully. The treatment also relieves the feeling of tiredness and improves considerably the quality of your life. You will be able to manage anxieties and tensions with a renewed energy.


The body relaxing massage is recommended to restore your mental and physical balance. Massage is of great help in times of particular stress and takes the form of a curative and preventive therapy.
We recommend that you carry out a session every time you feel tired and your body and soul can’t seem to regain stability and balance.
Our Relaxing Massage is also very effective in the long term: going to work without tension and stress, helps to cope with the big or small daily events with greater lightness, avoiding the accumulation of further negativity.

A Relaxing Massage is a wonderful gift to oneself and to your loved ones, to regain spirit and get back in touch with oneself.


The treatment takes about 50 minutes.


Don’t wait for your body and your mind to reach the limit. Indulge in a relaxing body massage on a regular basis!



Price List

Miracle Touch    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 150
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100
Modellante - Shaping    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Drenante - Draining    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Rilassante - Relaxing    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Miracle Mama    50 min.
con Carolina Dantas € 200
con Teamdhermo € 120
Babymoon    60 min. € 160

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