Areola Reconstruction
to improve the appearance of breasts with asymmetrical or missing areolas.

Dhermodesign is the dhermopigmentation specialized center in Milan: rely on a certified operator and our highest quality standards for guaranteed results with no bad surprises. For us, dhermopigmentation is an art and as such is the result of much study and practice!

Areola Reconstruction is a treatment of dermopigmentation which aims to improve the appearance of breasts with asymmetrical or missing areolas, following major surgery such as mastectomy, thanks to a semi-permanent make-up treatment.

Important surgeries by which this treatment is inspired: reconstructive surgery, mammary reconstruction, plastic surgery and other surgeries of reconstruction of the nipple-areola area.

Through a professional tool called Dermographer, Daniela will draw the areola’s missing parts by hand reproducing the color of the skin and its nuances keeping it as much natural-looking as possible: you can regain your self-confidence!

Our treatments are designed to discreetly enhance your beauty while meeting the physiological skin changes.

For this reason, all the pigments used in Dhermodesign are bioabsorbable , ie with time are absorbed by the skin with a gradual lightening of the color that does not causes a change of unnatural hue.
You will not be a slave of the treatment done but if you change your mind you can simply wait for it to reabsorb completely, and you can also tweak the treatment over time, adapting the form obtained to the needs of your skin that with the passage of time, change its tone.

That’s why, all the pigments used in Dhermodesign are bioabsorbable, meaning that in time are absorbed by the skin with a gradual lightening of the color. You won’t be forever a slave to the result as it is: if you change your mind you can simply wait for it to completely reabsorb; and you can touch up the effect over time, adapting the shape to the needs of your skin which will change its tone with the passing of time.

You can choose between two types of Areola Reconstruction: a partial one, to solve asymmetries or cover scars, and a total one for redesigning from scratch the areola removed following a total mastectomy.

The Partial Reconstruction of the nipple is carried out in two separate sessions at a distance of 30/45 days from each other, while for the Total Reconstruction the number of sessions varies and will be evaluated specifically for every client. The touch-up cadence span is subjective and varies from 12 to 18 months after the first treatment, or whenever there’s need to brighten the color.


It is possible that the days following the Areola Reconstruction you experience the formation of scabs, as a physiological response to the micro-incisions made by the dermographer. These should never be scraped off because they are part of the healing and color fixing process. Removing the crusts ahead of time can also result in the removal of the underlying pigment, compromising the final result.

We will recommend you a cream to apply during the first few days to promote healing of the areola which will appear more and more shaded, up to lose 50% of the initial color (and this is why it is essential to carry out a first touch-up after 30/45 days).

Apart from the very first days after the Areola Reconstruction, there are no special maintenance procedures, if not a few precautions to make the effect last as long as possible: you’ll want to limit intense physical activity for at least two weeks after the treatment, to avoid intense sweat that can compromise the healing phase, as well as the use of sauna and turkish bath.

We suggest to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps in the days just after treatment: as soon as healing is complete ((from 7 to 15 days depending on the vastness of the treated area), you can expose to sunlight after applying a sunscreen on the treated area.

Finally, we advise against aggressive skin treatments, such as peels, scrubs and use of lightening products. It is preferable to always keep the area well moisturized, especially the first few days, in order to promote healing and proper penetration of the pigment.

Price List

Microblading - ritocco compreso    120 min. € 500
Mantenimento/Ritocco annuale € 200
Softbrows - ritocco compreso    120 min. € 500
Mantenimento/Ritocco annuale     € 200
FusionBrows - ritocco compreso    120 min. € 600
Mantenimento/Ritocco annuale     € 250
Softlips    120 min. € 700
Mantenimento/Ritocco annuale     € 400
Front Line Hair    120 min. € 500
DhermoDense Hair   120 min. € 450 a zona

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