Fusion Brows
Shaded eyebrows

The FusionBrows technique, also known as Microshading, is a new method that combines the techniques of Microblading and Softbrows for an effect that is both “hair by hair” and gradient shadow: the result is full and well-groomed eyebrows.

Microshading, also known as eyeshadow effect creates the illusion of fuller eyebrows that are in fact filled by a “pixel nuance” on the epidermis.

One of our goals is to help women break free from the daily makeup feeling still confident: to do so, it is necessary that the harmony of the face is never upset! Our treatments are in fact designed to discreetly enhance beauty while respecting the physiological skin changes.

That’s why, all the pigments used in Dhermodesign are bioabsorbable, meaning that over time they are absorbed by the skin resulting in a gradual lightening of the color. The advantages of this choice are many: the color will not turn out unnaturally evident, like old tattooed eyebrows; you wont be forever a slave to the result as it is: if you change your mind you can simply wait for it to completely reabsorb; you can touch-up the effect over time, adapting the shape to the needs of your skin that changes its tone with the passing of time.


Microshading is recommended in case of eyebrows presenting multiple thinned areas or overall asymmetrical, or in case of absence of the hair altogether due to specific diseases or following chemotherapy treatments. However, it is a semi-permanent make-up treatment, an alternative to the classic tattoo.

It allows you to get a good covering of old tattoos and have an intense and defined shape without losing the effect of natural “hair by hair” definition.

Microshading also makes it easier to live your daily habits: in the pool, at the gym, the spa or on the beach you’ll always look perfect without fearing that the pencil will ooze on your face!


The average duration of the first Microshading session is about two hours, while the following touch-ups take 1 hour.

The very first touch-up is essential to fix the pigment and is carried out 30/45 days after the first session, subsequently we recommended an annual touch-up or whenever there’s need to brighten the color.

The duration of the effect is subjective and varies from 10 to 14 months: to maintain it is sufficient to carry out annual touch-ups.


No special maintenance procedures are needed, if not a few precautions to make the effect last as long as possible. We suggest to avoid direct exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps in the days just after treatment: as soon as healing is complete (about 10.7 days), you can expose to sunlight after applying a sunscreen on the treated area.

We also advise against aggressive skin treatments, especially not recommended for sensitive skin, such as peelsscrubs and use of lightening products. It is preferable to always keep the area well moisturized, especially the first few days, in order to promote healing and proper penetration of the pigment.

Price List

Microblading    120 min. € 600
ritocco entro 60gg    60 min. € 100
mantenimento - ritocco annuale € 250
Softbrows    120 min. € 600
ritocco entro 60gg    60 min. € 100
mantenimento - ritocco annuale     € 250
FusionBrows    120 min. € 600
ritocco entro 60gg    60 min. € 100
mantenimento - ritocco annuale     € 250
Softlips    120 min. € 600
ritocco entro 60gg    60 min. € 100
mantenimento - ritocco annuale     € 250
Front Line Hair    120 min. € 700
DhermoDense Hair   120 min. € 450 a zona
Areola - ricostruzione totale   120 min. € 600 a zona
mantenimento - ritocco annuale     € 400
Areola - ricostruzione parziale   120 min. € 450 a zona
mantenimento - ritocco annuale     € 400

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