Brow Design
Epilation and Dye for eyebrows

Brow Design and Brow Color Design are techniques to have defined shape eyebrows, without resorting to tattooing or microblading. Eyebrows are one of the elements that make an harmonious face and accentuate eyes and expressiveness. In our center, Daniela, certified Phibrows operator, carefully studies the proportions of your face to create customized eyebrows, through epilation and tint.

Treat yourself with a more intense look, rely on a professional BrowDesign artist to have defined eyebrows in harmony with your face.

The BrowDesign technique is a corrective eyebrow hair removal which is carried out with tweezers. To ensure an accurate result and to the highest quality standards, we use the same measurement method used for micropigmentation.

For a BrowDesign treatment it is very important to consult a professional who knows in depth the “divine proportion” of faces. In the dye eyebrows and design of these it plays a fundamental role the golden section of the face which Daniela follows wisely and reinterprets accurately.

In Dhermodesign, the specialized center in microblading for eyebrows and dhermodesign in Milan, a face is a canvas in which the morphology of the face and the personality of a person must find the perfect balance.

Pair your Brow Design treatment to dye for eyebrows, Brow Color Design, which covers thinned hair areas, corrects minor asymmetries, covers gray hair and matches the overall eyebrow color to the natural hair.

With this technique, the color assumes a Softbrows effect, which is similar to what is achieved through the drawing with a pencil for eyebrows, making it look very natural.


The Brow Design is ideal to identify and enhance the perfect shape of eyebrows for your face. The treatment is carried out after a careful study of the face and personality of the person.

This temporary coloration is a valid alternative to tattooing and has a very similar effect, despite a shorter duration.

We recommend trying Brow Color Design:

  • to feel well-groomed and look sharp every day, without having to wear make-up;
  • in case you want know what would be the effect of tattooing: if you have doubts about semi-permanent treatment, with Brow Color Design, you will see the effect of the redesigned eyebrows on your face. This way you can choose color, shape and hue suitable for your features;
  • if you suffer from dermatitis and pigments accentuate the problem, or cause you allergic reactions;
  • in case of pregnancy and nursing, to avoid using chemicals and feel beautiful, without wasting time with makeup;
  • to cover grey hair and look young, fresh, without using the hair dye;
  • to have the color of the eyebrows match the hair’s: nowadays we tend to want to make the color of the eyebrows similar to the hair, so that there is more harmony between face and hair. In this case, Daniela will advise the most suitable color, without creating imbalances between eyebrows and hair.

One thing you want to remember is that a hairdresser does not deal with eyebrows, so contact our center for a full study on your face, its physiology and its color scheme. For the face, near the eyes, a special dye for the eyebrows is used, more delicate than normal dye for hair used by hairstylists. In Dhermodesign we specialize in tattooing treatments and choose carefully the specific products to use on your skin.


A Brow Design session takes about 20-30 minutes, leaving you with perfect eyebrows from 7 to 15 days. To be impeccable, the treatment should be repeated after 7/15 days after the previous session.

A Brow Color Design session takes about 30-45 minutes. The treatment is temporary and the dye for eyebrows has a duration range from 7 to 10 days.


To maintain the shape of the eyebrows at the optimal state, we recommend that you regularly repeat the hair removal sessions (every 7/15 days).

Be careful when removing the hair, which are far from the treated area, with tweezers. Remember only to touch those away! We know it’s tempting to tear some of that hair too, but don’t! It often happens that homemade hair removal creates small holes and areas of alopecia that alter the shape of the eyebrows and the harmony of the face. For the design and beauty of your eyebrows’ sake rely on expert hands only!

To avoid damaging the color, stay away from aggressive treatments such as scrubs, peels and whitening products. In order to make the dye last longer avoid using oil-based cosmetics and cleansing products in the treated area.



Price List

Dhermoneedling    60 min. € 120
Skin Renew    40-60 min. € 100
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100

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