Revitalize your face with microneedling

Facial Microneedling is a cosmetic treatment that corrects skin blemishes naturally, stimulating cell turnover. 

It is considered a face lifting without surgery and without the use of chemicals, because it effectively treats expression wrinkles, thin lines and delays skin aging using the collagen naturally produced by the body.

If you begin to notice changes on your face and would like to renew your skin without the use of scalpel and injections, come to our beauty center in Milan. Daniela, our expert in tattooing and Philbrows certified operator, is a pioneer in the field of aesthetics and will advise you the perfect beauty treatment to enhance and illuminate your skin. 

Our Dhermoneedling treatment of revitalizing microneedling for the face is carried out by a device which microneedles penetrate the epidermis, causing tiny lesions: the apparatus is continuously passed over the face or on a specific area, intentionally stressing the surface of the skin to stimulate cell renewal.

The passage of the microneedles stimulates the fibroblasts to spontaneously produce healing substances such as collagenhyaluronic acid and elastin that make the skin immediately firmer and naturally moisturized. Elastin and collagen are proteins which make tissues elastic and skin firm, and are produced by the body naturally: over the years the production of these two proteins decreases, causing at first a loss of tone and elasticity of the skin and then the appearance of wrinkles.

The principle on which Microneedling is based is completely natural, because it simply stimulates the production of substances that are present in our organism and that over time keep being produced but in smaller quantities. By eliminating dead cells and substances that deposit on the surface layers of the epidermis, the skin accelerates its renewal process and is more receptive to products applied.

Depending on your skin and blemishes to be treated, Willian will apply specific products: 

  • hyaluronic acid based, to make the skin firmer and more toned; 
  • whitening, to treat skin blemishes;
  • lifting, to relax wrinkles and fine lines;
  • gold particles to stimulate the skin metabolism, with anti-aging action;
  • lighting, to rejuvenate and compact the texture of the skin;
  • nutrients for mature skin or revitalizing for young skin;
  • moisturizing and illuminating, for dull skin.

Microneedling actually facilitates the absorption of creams, serums and lotions and it is important to take advantage of the moment when the skin is more prone to absorb the products to increase their effectiveness.

In Dhermodesign we carry out Microneedling following the highest quality standards and taking care of hygiene scrupulously. The needles are disposable and are changed at every session.


Facial microneedling is particularly suitable to make skin firm, reducing wrinkles and expression lines. 

It is a facial revitalizing treatment also recommended to young people, to prevent and delay skin aging, maintaining elasticity and promoting cell renewal.

This technique with microneedles during our Microneedling session, can be used to effectively reduce wrinkles, acne scars, visible pores and make the skin smoother and more compact. All of this thanks to collagen and elastin.


The number of sessions varies depending on skin type and problem to treat. 

A session can take from 40 minutes to an hour. The first results are already visible the following day and the cell renewal process continues for the next 10 days.

More sessions are recommended to enhance and maintain the revitalizing effect.

Microneedling can be repeated every 15/20 days, to give the cells a chance to regenerate.


To maintain the results of the treatment it must be repeated every 15/20 days and use specific products for each problems.

After the treatment the skin is very sensitive and must be handled with extreme care. We suggest not expose it to sunlight and tanning lamps which can stain your skin. Always remember that UV rays can damage your skin, so expose to sunlight as little as possible and always use sunscreen. One of the secrets for effective microneedling with no damage is to not schedule the treatment in the hot season.

Resume wearing makeup after a few days, preferably using natural products.

Price List

Dhermoneedling    60 min. € 120
Skin Renew    40-60 min. € 100
Miracle Face    custom
con Teamdhermo € 100

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